Automated Crypto

Trading Bot

With client sided API access to your exchange of choice, trading crypto with BitBot is a breeeze. Never miss out on a pump or any crashes that are happening in real time with Pro version that auto monitors the market for you – so you don’t have to.

Many crypto trading bots under perform due to using static trading algorithms based on a limited preset amount of data, making you pay for data updates to trade with. 

We’ve found other bots limiting to a trading list to get you to keep upgrading every quarter, giving away up to 5% of your gains, no matter the catch we believe greedy crypto trading business models harm innovation.

Hands free Monitoring of unlimited Cryptos with advanced algorithms while being easy to use

Ichimoku Cloud & MACD Analysis

No limits - profitable crypto trading regardless of market conditions

BitBot can be ran in short selling mode or long mode for an enhanced trailing profit while taking profit at any dip, making back to back profitable trades in any market condition.

BitBot Crypto Trading Signals make you a Pro trader overnight

After your trading conditions are set and your assets are picked, whether you choose to use auto monitoring or not to constantly keep updating what cryptos to trade based on our implemented signals and double algorithm checks with MACD & Ichimoku Cloud forecasts, BitBot makes you a crypto trading Pro.

Real time Crypto trading automation profits actively update

See your gains in real time, monitoring unlimited assets is easy when they're all calculated together giving a total profit display by percentage and total value amount of profit. BitBot calculates your accumulative gains in real time.

BitBot the Anti-Fragile Crypto Trading Bot, doesn't just react - it predicts

Benefit from our hands on research with exchange owners & their developers to find out the most reliable algorithms to bot with, combine this knowledge with our simple to use interface makes trading easy. BitBot trades are predictive with tested and proven logic, real time calculations giving identical graphs to that of big exchanges.

Crypto Trading Alerts via Telegram Messenger App

Get notifications of all your trades remotely via telegram integration, after a few steps you will be having the ability to remotely command your BitBot through the messenger app as well as use it for simulated signals to perform the trades manually.

advanced Crypto automation now simple to use

Bitbot integrates with your exchange of choice, don't see it? Just ask!

Frequently Asked Questions

While there are already a few crypto trading bots on the market that work in similar fashion to themselves, they do not seem to work like ours however.

Our unique Cryptocurrency trading bot is more than priced fair to accommodate new and pro traders, it uses multiple trading algorithms to assure a profitable outcome. While many crypto trading bots do not pack a punch for their price, we on the other hand made sure we give you all the tools you need to usurp the market.

Simply connect your crypto exchange of choice with your API keys, that are provided. This allows the bot to interact with your crypto exchange of choice to the limitations you set. Therefore no need to enable any withdraw or cash out api functions, keeping your assets safe and peace of mind knowing your API keys are stored on your local machine and not some web server. With thorough documentation the BitBot and it’s upgraded BitBot Pro makes trading all that much easier to follow our simple tutorial and relax while BitBot handles the rest.

BitBot works on any exchange that allows API access to trade, and read the data in real time. Do not waste your time on exchanges that provide limiting API access that is only letting you view your assets. Trusted exchanges know they have more to gain from their user’s making gains also, any exchange not allowing API access or short selling is probably not able to handle the winner’s using crypto automation software such as BitBot.

With many exchanges supported from Kraken, to Coinbase Pro, Binance, CryptoCOM, Kucoin and much more. If you see yours missing, simply request it by contacting us through live chat or helpdesk.

While AI can be defined loosely we have assured our users the formulas are constantly adapting to the current market trends. Therefore you never have to pay for quarterly updates on data to trade with, it’s always up to date.

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BitBot 3 days

Free 3 Day Trial
  • Get access to BitBot for 3 days at no cost, just sign up and if you like it upgrade to our monthly, cancel at anytime before upgrading if you want to upgrade to pro.
Free for 3 days

BitBot Lifetime

Unlimited Crypto Trading Bot Assets Galore
  • Unlimited crypto assets monitoring for lifetime access
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